How much will it cost me to install solar panels, solar hot water and a rainwater tank?

There's so many new offers now regarding sustainable house retrofits, I just don't know where to start. I'm sure someone out there in the Communiversity has some experience in these matters.

Asked by Gregory Olsen

2 answers

  • Well, old boy, about $9,000 after rebates, would be the best price for a 1.5 kW PV set up, an evacuated tube solar hot water system and a 6,000 lite tank plumb to your toilet/s, washing machine and garden. Of course, you could always increase the number of PVs at $900 for a 190 watt panel, get a 'whole of house' tank set up and get a stainless steel tank like we did. that'll set you back another $6k or so. :-)

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  • Quick question for you - what was the cost BEFORE rebates? and whats your calculated pay back period greg?

    Answered by David Gravina
    Green Beret
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