How to change the 'throw out' behaviour & mindset of tenants leaving premises?

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  • If you have a common notice board, put up a sign advising that for the cost of a local phone call each rate payer may be entitled to one free pick up per year in additon to the annual clean up. e.g. this terrific service is available from Randwick Council.

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  • I agree with question, I find it so frustrating when people are moving out and they just pile everything they don't want, counches, fridges etc on the curb and just leave it. They don't care as they are moving out and won't have to look at it yet all the neighbours do. Council eventually picks it up but where is the responsibility in these people and how can they be so inconsiderate. Unfortunately I don't have an answer. Maybe forcing landlords to take more responsiibility?

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  • I don't think free council pick ups are the answer to anything because all those items people put on the street go to landfill; there is no opportunity for them to ever be re-used or fixed. It still perpetuates the mindset of this throw-away society. The answer is that when we need (need being the crucial word here) to buy something that we buy the best quality we can afford (preferably in second hand stores or antique shops) so we can keep that item for a long time in good condition; that we think of ways of passing what we no longer need to others who may need it before putting it out on the street for council to crush with their big exterminator trucks. By the way, I think Randwick council should spend its energy on busting cigarette butts instead of graffitti; graffitti does not damage the environment as much as those disgusting chemical laden butts that litter our streets, parks, beaches, every where you go. About time to make smoking illegal in our beaches Randwick counci

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