I am new to Sydney and am looking for a weekly or twice weekly organic farmers random delivery box?

I am from the states and we had a program that allowed you to sign up for a random box of produce based on what was in season to be delivered once a week or more often. Does anyone know if there are places that have this kind of program here. Something that supports the local farmers and that also supplies good produce. Most of the delivery I have seen online seems to be what you want to order and have delivered. Thanks for the help!!

Asked by Alexander

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  • Welcome Alexander to Sydney.
    Forestville Organic Buyers Group (FOBG) - contact Clare to get more details <[email protected]>; - gets it directly from the farmers (local I guess). You get what's "in season" and also you can order specific stuff if required.
    Haven't tried it yet as they don't deliver to your door - you have to pick it up in Forestville. Depending where are living that might be not suitable.

    Answered by Harald Grabner
    Green Beret
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  • I appreciate the assistance! Thank you all! I ended up actually finding Aussie Farmers Direct, they were able to deliver to us.

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  • <p>www.bondifoodcollective.com box out or choose your own. It's awesome

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  • There is a seasonal box of fruit & vegetables via http://www.theorganicproject.com.au which I have been using recently. As I am new to Sydney I also had the same question as you! Hope that this helps, they deliver to your door too :)

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