I have a mouse-like thing in my compost and would like it to move out. Ideas anyone?

It is small and grey. I first spotted it about a month ago in the compost bin but has since been seen in the house.

Asked by Matt W

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  • We just caught a mouse with a simple mouse trap with peanut butter on it - they can't resist it!

    Answered by Jenny Ball Rating: 1
  • Get a cat and then you will get mice brought into your house already dead!
    I couldn't resist!
    There are compost bins etc to protect it from rats mice and other animals. If you have seen one there are sure to be others.

    Answered by Laila Rating: 0
  • Peanut butter milkshake? That's lame. When I lived in Tasmania a friend of mine asked for a SARDINE milkshake at the Ouse fastfoods.

    Answered by Russ Grayson Rating: 0
  • Tried the peanut butter mousetrap but something (ant-like things perhaps?) has removed all traces of it from the trap. A neighbour has offered me the use of their cat-like thing. If that fails then I will try and scare it off with sardine milkshakes strategically placed around the perimeter of the bin. Thanks for the help.

    Answered by Matt W Rating: 0
  • You could try a cat-like thing in your compost heap. If that's not feasible try mixing the food up and dispersing it with grass and leaves so that there are no lumps of food to chew on.

    Answered by Mark Burley Rating: 0
  • Peanut butter is also surprisingly good with sweet chilli sauce

    Answered by Tough Tony Rating: 0
  • Great - will give it a go. Incidentally - have you ever tried a peanut butter milkshake? It's one of those taste sensations that untill you try it you feel should never have been allowed off the drawing board.

    Answered by Matt W Rating: 0

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