Is it ok to put eucalyptus (gumtree) leaves in the worm farm?

I have a large gumtree next to my house and it falls into my back yard. Although my backyard is basically covered by some still falls in. The leaves are completely dry and dead and has being sitting there for about 1 year (I really need to clean up my backyard more frequently).

Asked by Joan

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  • I'd steer away from using eucalyptus leaves in a wormfarm because of their allelopathic properties.

    You can add eucalyptus leaves to your hot compost system which can break down those chemicals. Remember, your compost should have lots of different materials not just eucalyptus leaves. You could even leave your eucalyptus leaves in a pile to break down for a while then add them to your compost.

    Here are some useful sources of info:

    The leaf litter and root exudates of some Eucalyptus [21] species are allelopathic for certain soil microbes and plant species. (source:

    Studies from the University of Arizona Plant Science Department showed that finished compost from eucalyptus and oleander contained no harmful toxins at all. However, with your compost, it's important to get the pile really HOT (by making it large, with lots of carbon, and turning often). (source:

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  • Everything Fiona said is correct. The main thing here is that you shouldn't really be adding any kind of leaves to you're a wormfarm. Wormfarms are great indoors and handle small amount of food scraps. Garden scraps will take too long to break down in a wormfarm and simply take up space in your wormfarm which is limit in how much volume it can take anyway. If you regularly have garden scraps to get rid of, and you have a square metre of ground with drainage (e.g. soil, sand, gravel etc) then you'd be better off with a compost. Check the great comparison table and further info on both Composts and Wormfarms at

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  • All the worms came from eucalyptus leaf litter on side of road. I think the change of environment. The worms into broccoli box with bedding eucalyptus leaves, seaweed, kitchen peelings, and handfull of cow manure, I am trying again worms in broccoli box under lights. Slowly add different materials for feed and bedding. I will keep you posted. See what happens.

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  • they will eat anything as-long as the pd is right.

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