Is it ok to put shredded (office) paper in a worm farm and a compost bin?

Asked by Barbara Millist

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  • Not really. Unless you know the ingredients of the ink cartridge used, it is very likely to contain small amounts of toxic substances that build up in soil. This isn't as dangerous as it sounds, and is only an issue if you are using the compost/wormfarm outputs to grow food that people eat. Even then it'll be at a very low level, especially if your soil is high in organic matter (black, fluffy) as then the compounds will tend to stay more in the soil and get taken up less by the plants.

    Important to note: Worm farms take only kitchen scraps, and don't need any paper in them. The only time you add shredded paper of any kind is just when you set up an empty farm. In this case you may use shredded newspaper soaked in a bucket, instead of the concoct fiber that is usually used to give the worms something to dig around in before the food scraps build up. If you are adding so much food that it is going smelly and requires adding paper to balance it out, then you are adding too much food.

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