Leaves on my pomegranate tree are shrinking or curling inwards - what could this be & what can I do?

It's a young pomegranate tree (Punica granatum 'Elche') and not even one metre high. I've looked under the leaves for any infestation and can't find any bugs or signs of infestation. I'm just keen to grow a tree that requires little water and maintenance and supplies good, healthy fruit!

Asked by Jim Sfinas

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  • I've got exactly the same problem. The leaves curl under on the margins, and spiral around.The stems are also a bit droopy. I'm suspecting too much fertiliser, although there seems to be talk of a mite called Aceria granati. I've had a look under microscope at 40x, 80x, 100x, 400x 100x, and 2000x and can't see anything. pH of soil is fine, and although soil not especially rich, maybe too much for planmt that grows happily in arid regions. Potted up as young plant 7 months ago in spring, no difference now after growing season, and so will repot again in Autumn to see what happens by spring/ summer next year. Will keep you posted. Won't spray until obvious it is mite. In the meantime, I can't find evidence that this mite is in Australia

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  • You can try to Spray Zinc Sulphate,Iron sulphate,Magnesium sulphate and boric acid.

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