My clothes etc have a musty/mouldy smell when stored. What can i do to stop this??

Asked by Stephanie

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  • Ventilation is the key factor to minimising your mould. Also you have to reduce the amount of moisture in the room(difficult o do simply) You may have moisture coming up from subfloor or from the back of a bathroom wall or rainy gutter on an external wall. How and what you use to get ventilation through your wardrobes is what you need to look at.
    Also never place damp or wet clothes in a wardrobe, always make sure they are aired properly prior to hanging up. Good luck.

    Answered by Eamon Corless
    Green Beret
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  • i live in a really damp house and want to know what i can put in my wardrobe to stop the smell of damp on my clean a dry cloths

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  • but the thing is it coming from the floor so the carpet smells damp i open up all the windows in my house but yet the damp is still making my cloth smell

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