Some creature is gnawing 75mmX75mm holes into the sides of my RELN worm farm. Any suggestions?

I have successfully used the farm for a few years and don't put any meat or dairy in it. I suspect a rat but am surprised they can gnaw through the plastic

Asked by Michael Locke

3 answers

  • rats loves worms.

    Answered by Watch Watch
    Green Beret
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  • its a rat, contact a pest controller

    Answered by Denise mooreRating: 0
  • The rat usually needs an edge to work on to start the hole. If the hole is at the top, like ours, make sure the lid cannot be lifted to get at the rim by weighing it down with a brick. If anywhere else, block it. Employ a cat.

    Answered by jonathan s milfordRating: 0

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