There are a lot of vinegar flies in my wormfarm. How can I avoid that?

also do I need to add more soil when i add the second wormfarm tray?

Asked by Murielle Stephan

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  • Hi Murielle,
    Vinegar flies usually indicate too much uneaten food and too much moisture. Try feeding the farm a bit less often, and only feed when the old food has been eaten. A light sprinkling of lime will help, and some dry material like newspaper, and cover the lot with moist hessian or newspaper.

    No need to add more soil, just put in the new tray and start feeding there and the worms will climb up. Keep it covered with moist hessian or newspaper.

    Answered by Steve Batley
    Green Beret
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  • Thanks steve for your advices. We might then need a bigger wormfarm in order to get all our 'green'waste eaten by the worms. We are only 2 in our apartment but we eat a lot of veggies and fruits and the worms does not seem to be able to eat all our waste (we started the farm 4 months ago). Anyway I follow your instructions and see if the Flies slowly disappears.

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  • Don't have flies in my worm farm but had a similar problem with my compost heap. I used a Steve-style remedy (a handful of garden lime, put in a load of torn-up newspaper and old leaves and gave it a vigorous mix with my compost turner). The flies cleared up really quickly - days rather than weeks. Good luck.

    Answered by Matt W Rating: 0

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