There are redback spiders in the wormfarm. Any tips so that they will leave?

Asked by Sam M

2 answers

  • I've had redbacks in my wormfarm for a couple of years now - drives me crazy. Every couple of weeks I clear them out with the trowel, and every couple of weeks they are back again - or at least the next generation is. Tenacious little bastards. I was fearful at first. Now I'm just annoyed. I'll try adding more water.

    Answered by Jamie Roberts Rating: 0
  • Keep your wormfarm moister might help. Spiders, ants, cockroaches are all more common in dry wormfarms. Pouring a litter or water through the farm each week will help. Just be sure to still collect the worm wee from the tap so it doesn't fill up.

    Distubring the spiders will make them move too. Using a watering can also 'wash' the spiders out and disturb them. Using a stick or trowel with a gloved hand is also good.

    Answered by JP Williamson Rating: 0

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