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I want to know the easiest and cheapest way to grow food on a brick wall

Asked by Laura Tucker

2 answers

  • There is quite a lot out there on the internet. I imagine you need to fix whatever stucture you decide to the wall with a masonry bolt or similar. This looks to be about the cheapest option around:
    You can buy wall mounting planter boxes which may be easier, but not necessarily cheapest.

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  • You can use a pallet available free from various places like Flower Power. Bolt to wall. Use weed matting stapled around the edges to fit inside the pallet. Fill with good vegetable growing soil. Allow time to settle and top up. Cut small slits for plants. Ideally start with a mix of herbs, strawberries, lettuce and go from there. You can install a drip watering system that runs through the pallet. The plants should receive adequate sunshine but remember that a western facing wall is a heat trap and plants can dry out quickly.Gardening Australia had a segment in 2012 on this. You can stream from Abc I IView.

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