Very important: living where your kids can walk (or bike) to school. Any hints on this?

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  • Are you moving or are you looking at where you'd like you're kids to go to school?

    I think it's really important for kids to be able to get to school themselves.

    This website might be able to help

    There is an article on raising children without a car that I found interesting

    I guess check if there is a walking school bus or whether one can be started. Also look at the Waverley & Woollahra bike map and see if you can find a good cycling route (with not too many hills for you're kids little legs)

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  • Hi David,
    In my view, the main thing is proximity and also your own access to mobility options. While living near to a school/child care is desirable, it is equally important that your own residence and the school then connects to the next trip that you undertake (eg. to work) without backtracking.
    In our area, Charing Cross came to mind as there are many schools and child care centres in the area, it is near to good public transport - trains and buses, has some quiet bike routes and car share options.
    Kids under 12 can ride on the footpath too.

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  • I am surprised at how many parents drive their children to school these days, what does this teach them? Not to mention the parents who think they are more important then anyone else and stop illegally on the road so they can get as close as possible to the school to pick up their own children putting other children and drivers at risk.

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  • Loved the carbusters article in particular, and the site. Just got back from Amsterdam, so know that carfreeness of Europe.

    Now living in Carlton VIC with no car. One child on the way, and two adult kids who were raised in Glebe. Just looking to the future, and to principles.

    You may have seen this site, too:

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  • And it ruins the lives of the parents, by turning them into chauffeurs. You all might be interested in this bit of bad news:

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