what edible plants will grow inside an apartment?

Asked by lavendar

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  • Depends how much light you get in your apartment and how much room, if you can get 4-6 hours a day in a room you could try and grow things like lettuce, parsley. If you have a shady house you could try things like mint but you will need to keep them moist.

    Experiment and let us know how you go.

    Answered by Fiona Campbell
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  • Hi Lavendar, It really depends how much sun and light you get. If you have a sunny windowsill that gets more than 4-5 hrs of direct sun a day you can pretty much grow anything! A lot of your leafy greens - lettuce, rocket etc will grow in less light, parsley should go ok also with less. Mint, coriander, ginger will grow in semi shade. But start with the warm sunny spot. Cheers, Steve

    Answered by Steve Batley
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  • It really depends on regular light levels and your setup.
    In warmer months you can grow herbs like coriander and dill that otherwise need shorter days.
    Lettuce and rocket can also handle shorter hours of daylight .
    North facing Windows can grow a wider range of plants if you spin the pot regularly.

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  • Indoors the best plants to grow are sprouts (soak the seeds in water for about 12 hours, drain, then let them germinate (water 2-3 times/day): alfalfa, mung bean, chickpea, radish seeds, broccoli seeds etc) because these don't need sunlight at all. They taste great in salads and sandwiches, or as a snack! If you have a bright windowsill you could try planting small, short life leafy vegetables for cutting like cress and wheatgrass; even lettuce, radish & beetroot (you can eat radish & beetroot leaves in salad or as a substitute for spinach; lettuce love shade). Turn the pot occasionally so all leaves get even amounts of sun. Also lavender is growable indoors - you can use it as flavouring in icecream/cream (yes the icecream goes purple)!

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  • Unless you are going to hand pollinate anything that fruits is out of the question.
    Lettuce, dill, coriander and rocket have lower light requirements and are in season now, but will need to be in a window area with at least a 1/2 day of sun

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  • You can grow most greens for salads with a bit of sunlight and some artificial lighting. You can also try your luck with microgreens.

    Answered by Sasikaladevi Ilangovan
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