What financial support is out there for secondary schools to install solar panels?

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  • If you are in Waverley, Woollahra and Randwick there are Council grants for schools which you can apply for.

    Otherwise, a leaseback is the way to go as avoid paying for it all upfront and repay the cost over the life of the solar system.

    For more information about getting solar in your school, click on the minutes of the last ESSSN meeting below:


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  • Great that there is support from local councils for this type of project.
    The returns for secondary schools are typically very good due to the high daytime load. Accessing / monitoring your daytime load is a great place to start. Solar PV analysis software will then allow you to optimise system designs and also give you payback times.

    The ATA has developed the Sunulator, a simulation tool of this type to help plan a grid-connected solar project:

    There are a range of other options for support that you could consider including:
    - The Community Power Agency as it set up to to support community groups in navigating the complex process of setting up a community owned renewable energy project: http://cpagency.org.au/ />- a local crowdfunding campaign
    - finance through a solar retailer such as Sungevity:
    http://www.sungevity.com.au/what-sets-us-apart />
    We look forward to hearing how your project progresses!

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