What is smallest weekly water recommended amount to pour into your worm farm before dilution?

Before diluting into worm tea.watering your worm farm once a week to prevent water stagnation.

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  • Short Answer:
    1)Poor 1L once a week on top of your worm farm to keep it fresh and moist.
    2)Every time you collect liquid fertilizer to feed your garden, dilute it in you watering can to the color of week tea before watering it onto the garden.

    Long Answer:
    There isn't any 'smallest weekly water recommendation'. Different worm farms need different amounts of water depending on the kitchen scraps you put in. If you put in lots of old drinks and lettuce and other wet things, it might even be too wet. But if you put dried old flowers in it might be too dry. But it is a safe options to just flush 1L through each week as it just drains through. Similarly regarding diluting the worm wee, some wet worm farms produce liquid fertilizer that is already diluted enough straight out of the tap. Especially if they are getting lots of liquid waste of rain. Yet others produce a black liquid, that definitely needs a lot of dilution. That's why we say dilute to the color of weak tea.

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