What's the point of 100% biodegradable nappies when they go in the rubbish which goes to landfill?

Asked by Stephanie

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  • Even in landfill any biodegradable things "biodegrade" - as long as there is moisture and oxygen. And that itself is much better as they don't add toxic substances to our soil and groundwater.
    Re/cloth nappies: Great alternative. However, if you don't have outdoor/sun space to dry them you might end up with much more nappies than what's recommend.

    Answered by Harald Grabner
    Green Beret
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  • Hi Stephanie,

    Ideally biodegradable nappies would be sent to a commercial composting facility, but even if you don't have access to this service then they can still be a more sustainable choice. This is because they are manufactured from materials such as bamboo or natural plant fibres, which require fewer resources to create than petroleum based plastics.

    Reusable cloth nappies have been shown to be the greenest option, assuming they are washed in cold water in a front loader and then line dried.

    Answered by Eleanor Raftery
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