where can i get a good kitchen compost bin ( to put in our office )for our Community Garden


Asked by patricia garvie

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  • It's all about the amount of green waste and the frequency of trips to the Community Garden. All you need in your kitchen is a container to collect your compostable stuff. It's size needs to be one: (1) that you can carry when full (does it have to be transported in a car); and (2) that's big enough to hold all your green goodies between transfers to the garden. It's also a good idea to get a bin with a reasonably tight lid as veges start to smell if they go a bit mouldy before being taken away. Places like Bunnings have a range of bins and big buckets with lids. And, surprisingly Officeworks also has containers normally used for office rubbish but perfect for your kitchen purposes. Or what about using one of those clear storage boxes on wheels from Dollar Shops?

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