Where can we dispose of electronic waste, e.g. a printer?

We are aware that Woollahra Council collects e-waste on the nominated days. Can Randwick residents use Woollahra Council 's e-waste collection or does Randwick Council have its own?

Asked by Eva Cermk

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  • Reverse Garbage also accept:

    1. Computers of any make, Apple MAC or Intel based PC - working or not.
    2. Computer monitors of any kind.
    3. Printers, Scanners, keyboards, etc working or not.
    4. We will also accept TV's stereos, VCRs, DVDs, Radios, etc....Working only.


    Answered by Michelle Rose
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  • 1800ewaste will collect it for a fee, or try planet ark
    most ifo is here
    you can also sometimes take the old stuff back to the shop where you buy the new stuff, to me this is the most logical one, and should be mandated by law.
    happy consuming:)

    Answered by Transition Bondi Lance
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  • Hi Eva,

    Randwick Council has recently completed its own e-waste collection which is conducted at the Council's recycling centre recently. As for the next e-waste collection, we have not set a date for e-waste collection yet we are waiting upon the finalisation of legislation (i.e. product stewardship Act) as this will have some implication on our current e-waste collection.


    Answered by Choonghan Yeo
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  • Yes..just give them a Woollahra postcode when you drive in. Share the love! Unfortunately, you've just missed the Waverley/Woollahra e-waste day :(

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  • April 14 - E-Waste day. Between 8am and midday, Council's Botany Works Depot, corner Pemberton and Clevedon streets, Botany.
    Saw the info in the Southern Courrier this week ~*

    Answered by cindy ~* Rating: 0

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