Where could I find a second hand security door with fly screen?

I'm looking for a white or light coloured door to replace the one I've got that's perfectly good but too dark in an already dark setting so I could probably swap it with someone. I also need some wooden slats to go under a double bed, I'd appreciate any suggestions. Thank you.

Asked by Cecilia

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  • Thanks Sam, I'll go and have a look. I am baffled as to why my question came up under the Native gardens tag; I put it in 'Building materials'; must be the garden gnomes making mischief.

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  • You can also post your request for any household items you might be looking for on freecycle: www.freecycle.org.au or another similar website is OzRecycle: www.ozrecycle.com

    It works both ways, so you can also 'give back' by offering any of your unwanted items to members. Emails alerts go out to members every day or two and its totally free!

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  • The Bower on Addison Rd at Marrickville often has things like you are decribing.

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  • we have one at our community garden, which is good enough to use as a gate so we would probly rather take a donation for it.

    That way it is reused rather than downcycled!

    come to 241 bondi road between 10am and 1pm on saturdays, or join the transition bondi group on facebook

    Answered by Transition Bondi Lance
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