Where is a good place to get used CDs for your garden for free to deter. Birds and pests ?

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Asked by Gavin

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  • Hi Gavin
    Try the local public library. Or perhaps places like 'The Bower' and 'Reverse Garbage' in Marrickville.

    Answered by Sam Sheppeard
    Green Beret
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  • A twice a year opportunity (more if you walk a little further) comes if your Council has 'Clean-up' days for residents to put out their unwanted items. These days boxes of CDs are put out (and subsequently head off to land fill sites) so if you have a walk around your neighbourhood you are likely to find as many as you want.
    Remember you did want them for your garden (not your music collection).

    Answered by Andrew Roydhouse Rating: 0
  • I have stacks which I am willing to donate

    Answered by daniela Rating: 0

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