Wormfarm is full how to do I separate the worms from the worm castings in a small area

My wormfarm tray2 has reached capacity how do separate the worm castings in a clean small area over a short period of time say 10minutes to 1hr max to empty the wormfarm

As I my wormfarm reaches capacity in about one month when feed the smallest of correct foods. And would like to do it more often

Asked by Gavin

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  • Or shade one half of the tray and the worms will move into it, and then you can do the other half.

    Answered by Judy Rating: 0
  • Your worm farm should have a tap or drainage point on the lowest tray. Turn it off and the liquid level will rise slowly (unless it rains heavily) over a couple of days without you doing any work. The worms move up from the liquid level to the top tray as the level rises. once you can see the level is close to the surface of the bottom tray. Open the tap or drainage hole again so the liquid drains out and use a small fork to lift out the worm casings from it.
    Leave it about 1/3rd full of the worm casings and then transfer from your top tray to nearly fill it up to the liquid mark (wet mark) around the edge of the bottom tray. Some of the worms will gradually come down from the top tray again to eat the newly replenished bottom tray and you have a bucket or two of rich casings to use.

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  • Save some tasty scraps of food. Starve the worms a bit. Then place food scraps on one side of the bin, give an hour or so, the worms will migrate to the scraps. Then separate the castings.

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